CADdetails – Our New Digital Architectural Binder


We are excited to share our new Digital Architectural Binder on

If you've struggled with specifying new and innovative building products in your most coveted projects, our new Digital Architectural Binder with CADdetails will significantly help.

CADdetails is a free program developed specifically for design professionals to get manufacturer-specific product information into their working plans. A virtual bridge between product manufacturers and professionals, where you have access to everything you need to organize, enhance, and simplify your design and procurement process:

  • Free high-quality design content at your fingertips
  • CAD Drawings, Specifications, Revit Files, and related documents
  • A stand-alone architectural toolbox for configuring building products that best suits your project requirements

We recognize that using a product for the first time can be risky, so we've gone the extra mile to ensure our content is current, accurate, and works in multiple formats. The content we host on CADdetails meets or exceeds the highest industry standards.

Click here to access our high-quality design files for your next project.